Maine Crafted

Goat Milk Products


   Leeman Family Farm has created a lotion we feel absorbs quickly, moisturizes and leaves our skin feeling smooth with no oily, greasy feel.  When we are at work or school we use hand sanitizer & wash with the commercial soaps provided. These products can become drying after repeated use. Our goat milk lotion helps us keep our hands feeling soft. Our Lotion is great for elbows, heels & dry patches. We have used our thick creamy lotion for shaving too.

   Our Goat milk lotion comes in PET clear plastic bottles with white disk top dispenser. Bottles are filled with 2 oz. of creamy lotion. We love the size, easy to tuck into a coat pocket, purse or sports bag.

About Our Lotion


We use our goats Farm Fresh Milk and

locally sourced Maine Buckwheat Honey-for their beneficial minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Rice Bran, Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter-   a combination that moisturizes & helps skin retain moisture


Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative-to prevent bacteria, yeast and mold from growing

PET Bottles- Recyclable & No BPA