• Bang-gor = Bangor (I know movies say, Bang-jer. It's not how we said it.)

  • C-Ah' = car

  • Wicked = really good or really bad

  • Door-yahd = drive-way/yard/lawn area closest to the main door used

  • Pahked = parked

  • Bahn = barn

  • Sideboard = counter top

  • Down cellar = basement

  • Crittah' = small furry wild animal, sometimes a reference to a small child running wild

  • Cunnin' =  cute

  • Stove-up = Getting injured. I fell on the ice walking down the door-yahd. I stove-up my knee and both hands. 

  • From-away, Flat Lander, Out-a-state-ah' = not from Maine 

  • Down-East= reference to eastern part of Maine 

  • Num-a-n'-a-pounded-thumb = said as if it one word. It means not very smart. 

  • Old-time-ah' = older man who was born & raised in Maine. He has hours of stories to tell. All about growing up in Maine.  You do have to pay attention, their stories will lead in many directions & then back to their original story. ​If you ever come across an old general store you may want to sit a spell & listen to a few old-time-ah's stories.



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Goat Milk Soaps

Maine Crafted

Goat Milk Products


Maine Words/Phrases

  • Clean Gently
  • Produce a Bubbly Lather
  • Naturally Moisturize
  • Selection of Scents
  • Color Free
  • No Oily Film
  • Silky Smooth
  • Fast Absorbing

​​Goat Milk